Kitchen Islands

Customizing your kitchen can to your benefit has many advantages. Kitchen Islands are a great way to utilize your space in the kitchen. The design ideas are endless. Being that we are a custom wood working shop, the ultimate goal is to design something that clearly best fits your life style. Maybe you would prefer your island to have the range and free up counter space or vice versa. A popular thing to do in kitchens is to create room for spice racks and your appliances.

Island designed to look like a dresser, cabinet.

Through design, you can adjust you island to suit your needs. The kitchen island above was designed to look more as a dresser per say. However, this “dresser” has a dishwasher  and sink built into it.

Below, if you can guess, yes that would be pull out drawers that accommodate spice racks.

spice racks

The design possibilities are endless for what your kitchen island could be. We like to consider all options and would enjoy presenting you with ideas if this is something you would like to pursue in the future. Please contact us at (412)-487-4408 to discuss further details.