One of the first things we do when it comes to discussing what you want built is creating a drawing. We enjoy taking pictures and integrating them into our drawings to give the customer a visual aide of what to expect.

Once finished drafting, we render the drawing with the stain or veneer to give the customer a more accurate representation of their project.

Kitchen Islands

Customizing your kitchen can to your benefit has many advantages. Kitchen Islands are a great way to utilize your space in the kitchen. The design ideas are endless. Being that we are a custom wood working shop, the ultimate goal is to design something that clearly best fits your life style. Maybe you would prefer your island to have the range and free up counter space or vice versa. A popular thing to do in kitchens is to create room for spice racks and your appliances.

Island designed to look like a dresser, cabinet.

Through design, you can adjust you island to suit your needs. The kitchen island above was designed to look more as a dresser per say. However, this “dresser” has a dishwasher  and sink built into it.

Below, if you can guess, yes that would be pull out drawers that accommodate spice racks.

spice racks

The design possibilities are endless for what your kitchen island could be. We like to consider all options and would enjoy presenting you with ideas if this is something you would like to pursue in the future. Please contact us at (412)-487-4408 to discuss further details.

Routers and Profiles

One specific way to add characteristic to your cabinets and countertops can be achieved with a router. Routers enable the cabinet to have specific profiles. The profile can be a simple as a 1/4 “round over, or as elaborate as a multiple profile shaped baseboard. “Thumbnail” profiles are a common edging to be placed on countertops.

custom cabinets Oakmont pa

There are many types of routers all of which can be hand held; sometimes having a router table/base is a great way to stabilize your work with minimal errors. Take note of the picture with an actual router bit. There is a bearing at the top of the bit to ensure that your work does not go past the center of the bit, creating a guide. The second picture is an end result of the profile that specific router bit has.

Some router bits do not have a guide though. When using these types of bits, it is best to have a fence or an auxiliary guide. Routers are powerful machines that when not controlled, could destroy your work entirely so you always want to take the necessary steps to prevent that.

Routers and profiles

Drawer fronts, door panels, countertop profiles and just a simple eased edge to an object, can all be achieved using a router and/or router table. There are numerous router bits to choose from and there can be many variations to help achieve and ending profile that could not be achieved in one single router bit.

If you are interested in purchasing custom cabinets in Oakmont, PA, and nearby areas, please trust in the expert craftsmen at Stevens Woodworks.

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Advantages of using Veneer

There are few ways to make your wood working projects stand out. One of the more popular ways to do so,is to apply veneer to plywood, to achieve that solid wood look. Veneer and edge banding help conceal the fact actual plywood was used. Veneer is wood applied on top of whatever wood you would use as a core. For example, birch plywood, with walnut veneer applied to the top of it. There are a few ways to apply veneer, the best way to do so, is with a vacuum press.

custom wooden cabinets with veneer

A vacuum press is used in the same way we would use bending plywood. The atmospheric pressure presses the veneer down onto your core piece. Unlike bending plywood, veneer roughly needs 1 hour in the press, as opposed to overnight.

There are many advantages to using veneer over solid wood. The first being its stability. Solid wood is prone to spitting and warping. Seasonal compression and contraction, etc. Veneer is made up of a thin layer of your desired wood, applied to plywood, that doesn’t endure the wear and tear, solid woods do. Another advantage to using veneer is sustainability. Less wood is used in the entire process to construct a cabinet in veneer as opposed to solid woods!

If you are interested in purchasing custom wood furniture, please give our professionals a call today at (412) 487-4408.

Bending Plywood, Forms, and a Vacuum Press Continued

As previously mentioned in the first blog post of bending plywood, forms, and vacuum press, the result was a half circle that took shape of the form that was made.


Once you have created the desired shape, the next step would be to veneer the plywood with a desired species of wood. Take note of the second picture. This would be the result of veneering the form

Forms and Veneering

The entire process of bending plywood and veneer go hand in hand with the form that is created. The form provides the sturdiness to apply veneer to the inside and outside of your desired plywood shape. The form can be built to almost anything you would desire, but clearly requires many steps. The finished liquor cabinet above has many curves to it, all requiring different radii and is completely custom. You can truly say that these are custom wood working products.furniture from stevens woodworks


To inquire more about these types of products, please give us a call today at (412) 487-4408.

Bending Plywood, Forms, and a Vacuum Press

stevens woodworks building cabinet

Do you ever wonder how you can get curved cabinets that basically make you question the possibility or process of it being built in the first place? We most definitely can answer that here at Stevens Wood Works.  Many cabinets can almost the defy the logic of being built with standard tools and regular sheets of plywood.

Bending plywood, just like regular plywood, comes in different thicknesses, and is meant to take the shape of a desired object. However, you cannot just simply bend the plywood and expect it to stay in place. This is a multiple step process that may sound easy, but is tedious. Once you have determined the shape you are trying to take, some easier than others, we would have to create a form for the plywood to mold to.  Take note of the picture above. This form is to capture a half circle of a determined radius. The form needs support across the desired width, as you also notice there are “ribs” placed inside spaced a few inches apart to be able to give support across the entire length of the bending plywood. Next, attach the form to a base that would allow the bending plywood to have a straight run off, this allows for spring back. There will always be spring back, but this is one way to minimize that. Spring back is the plywood trying to return to its once, natural position, but clearly does not.cabinet from stevens woodworks

Once the form is properly built, bending plywood is stretched across the entire form to create more support for the overall product that will be produced. Take note of the second picture with the bending plywood attached and screwed down to the ribs, this ensures creating a smoother surface for your final piece of bending plywood to be pressed to.  The next step in this process is to then take your final piece of bending plywood, and apply it to the top of the form and is then strapped down, not secured with screws, and then placed inside of a vacuum press. Atmospheric pressure does all the work from there.  The vacuum removes all the air and squeezes the plywood down to the form.  After roughly 12 hours, the form is removed from the vacuum bag and everything can be released with a result of the bending plywood taking shape of the form that was created.


If you have a cabinet that you would like to have constructed of this nature and would like to have our services in helping accomplish this task, please give our custom cabinet builders in Pittsburgh, PA a call at (412) 487-4408.

The Benefits of Custom Wood Furniture



Natural wood furniture is one of the most popular styles for homes and redecorating projects. It offers beauty, elegance, durability, and a great value for the initial cost. It also brings together other furniture and décor pieces quite nicely and helps to create a relaxing and cozy environment.

The natural beauty of wood can match any home decor because of the wide variety of options. There are lighter options like maple and pine, or darker woods like walnut or mahogany. Additionally you can stain wood any color you choose which can really show the characteristics of your piece. The colors you choose can be a great way to bring out the full beauty of your custom wood furniture from Pittsburgh, PA at Stevens Woodworks

Combine the beauty and durability that comes from using wood for home and get the best custom wood furniture available to turn your house into a wood-lover’s home. You can get custom cabinets, doors, tables, storage furniture, desks, and entertainment centers. All of which will last for a lifetime in your beautiful home.

Whatever your style and design needs are there is a custom wood furniture piece we can make for you! There are many benefits to using wood and there are just as many reasons to enjoy solid wood furniture in your home. And because it’s custom you can rest assured that your home will be unique and the envy of all your neighbors.

Using the same type or color of wood throughout your home can create a cohesive and beautiful place to get away from it all, kick back, and enjoy the beauty and versatility of wood. So, what are you waiting for? See what custom wood furniture can do for your home today! Come by and see everything Stevens Woodworks has to offer you — you will not regret it!

Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger


Even if you have a smaller kitchen, you can still have a beautiful, efficient space for you and your family. For great tips on making your kitchen look bigger, please read on!


With the new technology and appliance options, with a kitchen island, you have your cooktop and oven in the same area as well as your prep table and dining table. You can also consider having your microwave, oven, and fridge built in the cabinetry and walls to save the space.

Mix of Natural and Ambient Lighting

Lighting can do wonders to any room, which is why if you use both natural lighting and ambient lighting, you can expand your kitchen visually. For natural lighting, consider installing a skylight to bring in the light. You can also choose from bay or greenhouse windows to create a more open feel to the room. Complement the natural lighting with some ambient and task lighting to provide the same openness during the night.

Keep the Décor Minimal

Some personal touches can definitely provide a homier and personalized feel to your kitchen but if you have too many decorations, you can create a cluttered feeling atmosphere. You can also consider using decorations that are versatile in the way you can use them. For example, if you have a huge vase, you can use it as a decoration and also for storage.


For high quality, custom wood furniture in Pittsburgh, PA, trust in the experts at Stevens Woodworks!


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Tips for Designing Your Custom Wood Table

Johnsons Slab Table

Walnut slab table with benches and chairs

If you are interested in commissioning a custom wood table from Stevens Woodworks but are not sure where to start, please read on for some great design tips!


This is the starting point of any custom table project because the shape of the table top will determine how the rest of it is built. Fortunately, any custom wood furniture in Pittsburgh, PA, created by our experts allows you freedom to showcase your creativity and unique vision. Select from an oval, rectangular, round, etc. shape or design something completely different!


With a custom table, you can have just about any size table you want depending on the availability of the materials. Some standard sizes are as follows:

  • Circular Table
    • 3’0”
    • 4’0”
    • 5’0”
    • 7’0”
    • 8’0”
  • Square Table
    • 2’6”
    • 3’0”
    • 4’0”
    • 5’0”
  • Rectangular Table
    • Width: 2’6” & Length: 3’6”
    • Width: 2’6” & Length: 5’0”
    • Width: 3’0” & Length: 6’0”
    • Width: 3’6” & Length: 8’0”

For more ideas on size, please consult one of our expert craftsmen and tell them your size requirements, ideas for design, etc.

Style of Legs

Selecting the style of the legs of your table is the next step in the process. Some of the standard styles are:

  • Cabriole
  • Farm
  • Flared
  • Taper
  • Turned

Edge of Table

The next decision you need to make is how you want the edges of your table to be finished. The typical styles for the edge are either beveled or straight. Lately, live edges on tables are also appreciated.

Type of Wood and Finish

The final step is selecting the wood you want your table to be built with. Some of the typical materials are cherry, pine, oak, or walnut. You can also select the type of finish you want such as stained or lacquered, waxed, or French polish.


Once you’ve decided on your design, our team of professional craftsmen will work closely with you to make your dream table become a reality!

To start your project for custom wood furniture in Pittsburgh, PA, please give us a call today at (412) 487-4408.