Bending Plywood, Forms, and a Vacuum Press Continued

As previously mentioned in the first blog post of bending plywood, forms, and vacuum press, the result was a half circle that took shape of the form that was made.


Once you have created the desired shape, the next step would be to veneer the plywood with a desired species of wood. Take note of the second picture. This would be the result of veneering the form

Forms and Veneering

The entire process of bending plywood and veneer go hand in hand with the form that is created. The form provides the sturdiness to apply veneer to the inside and outside of your desired plywood shape. The form can be built to almost anything you would desire, but clearly requires many steps. The finished liquor cabinet above has many curves to it, all requiring different radii and is completely custom. You can truly say that these are custom wood working from stevens woodworks


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