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Routers and Profiles

One specific way to add characteristic to your cabinets and countertops can be achieved with a router. Routers enable the cabinet to have specific profiles. The profile can be a simple as a 1/4 “round over, or as elaborate as a multiple profile shaped baseboard. “Thumbnail” profiles are a common edging to be placed on countertops.

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There are many types of routers all of which can be hand held; sometimes having a router table/base is a great way to stabilize your work with minimal errors. Take note of the picture with an actual router bit. There is a bearing at the top of the bit to ensure that your work does not go past the center of the bit, creating a guide. The second picture is an end result of the profile that specific router bit has.

Some router bits do not have a guide though. When using these types of bits, it is best to have a fence or an auxiliary guide. Routers are powerful machines that when not controlled, could destroy your work entirely so you always want to take the necessary steps to prevent that.

Routers and profiles

Drawer fronts, door panels, countertop profiles and just a simple eased edge to an object, can all be achieved using a router and/or router table. There are numerous router bits to choose from and there can be many variations to help achieve and ending profile that could not be achieved in one single router bit.

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Advantages of using Veneer

There are few ways to make your wood working projects stand out. One of the more popular ways to do so,is to apply veneer to plywood, to achieve that solid wood look. Veneer and edge banding help conceal the fact actual plywood was used. Veneer is wood applied on top of whatever wood you would use as a core. For example, birch plywood, with walnut veneer applied to the top of it. There are a few ways to apply veneer, the best way to do so, is with a vacuum press.

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A vacuum press is used in the same way we would use bending plywood. The atmospheric pressure presses the veneer down onto your core piece. Unlike bending plywood, veneer roughly needs 1 hour in the press, as opposed to overnight.

There are many advantages to using veneer over solid wood. The first being its stability. Solid wood is prone to spitting and warping. Seasonal compression and contraction, etc. Veneer is made up of a thin layer of your desired wood, applied to plywood, that doesn’t endure the wear and tear, solid woods do. Another advantage to using veneer is sustainability. Less wood is used in the entire process to construct a cabinet in veneer as opposed to solid woods!

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