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Design Ideas for Your Custom Cabinets in Oakmont, PA, and Nearby Areas

Kitchen cabinets floor to ceiling

Kitchen cabinets floor to ceiling

Our custom wood furniture in Pittsburgh, PA, and nearby areas is the perfect way to showcase your creativity and unique style. However, with custom kitchen cabinets, the possibilities are endless and as a result, it can be difficult to decide on a design. Read on for some ideas you might want for your custom kitchen cabinets in Oakmont, PA and surrounding regions.

Functional Designs

You want to get the most out of your custom cabinets in Oakmont, PA, and surrounding areas so when designing them; you might want to consider some of the following ideas:

  • Add more containers and extra drawers to your upper cabinets
  • Pullout shelving
  • Installing a Lazy Susan
  • Adding in a toe-kick drawer to your lower cabinets
  • Built in chopping board

Simple Neutral Colors

Many homeowners are now choosing neutral or natural designs and colors. People like a rustic feel to their kitchens as it is a stylish nod to the past and also promotes the feelings of comfort and warmth. A huge trend that is showing up in the modern kitchen is also the use of white, gray, earthy tones, and other neutral colors.

Open Shelving

A lot of storage shelves only have two surfaces in which to store things. However, a great idea for more room is to utilize the underside of your shelves. You can use mason jars and screw them in so you have a way to store spices, seasonings, and other miscellaneous items.

High-Tech Cabinets

With the rise in technology, many homeowners are looking to incorporate all sorts of gadgets into their kitchens. Some options are built-in charging stations, tablet holders, and hands-free technology!


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Kitchen Trends of 2017

Kitchen Island with Two Levels

kitchen island with attached kitchen table, including garbage disposal and microwave built in.

The popularity of customized kitchens has increased in the past couple of years because people enjoy the freedom to show their creativity and uniqueness in more areas of their home. At Stevens WoodWorks Inc., our professional craftsmen understand our clients’ desire to own gorgeous custom wood cabinets, doors, furniture, and more. We utilized only the finest quality materials to create customized wood pieces that double as furniture and works of art! Get the kitchen of your dreams with the help of the experts at Stevens WoodWorks! Read on to learn the popular trends coming in the New Year!

Natural Colors/ Textures

People are opting for more natural and neutral tones and textures such as wood, wicker, and other rustic materials. For a bold contrast, you can pair stainless steel and modern kitchen appliances with gorgeous wood cabinets and kitchen furniture.

Restored Vintage Pieces

Many homeowners are also choosing to utilize worn pieces and restoring them for a vintage look in their homes. Consider finding huge vintage clocks, wood decorations, and other vintage décor for a laidback feel to your home. If you have an old vintage wood piece that has been in your family for ages, commission one of our experts for a high quality architectural restoration! We can do fireplace mantels, doors, bookcases, windows, and more!

Marble Countertops

Another trend homeowners are opting for are marble countertops for a sleek and easier to maintain style. Mixing marble with wood makes for a gorgeous contrast that you’ll love in your kitchen!

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